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Final Research Project – Waulking Scene

This is an image from my final research project, which investigates the preservation of heritage through sensory storytelling. This scene depicts the fulling of cloth, a practice once common in the Scottish Hebrides. Waulking songs would often be sung to accompany the work. It is also made from linocut.  

Inktober: Dance of the Rat

For Inktober 2023, I took inspiration from Medieval manuscripts. This was after the prompt ‘scurry’ and is made from linocut. 

Batsford Prize (At Peace) 

For the theme of ‘At Peace’ I took a personal approach to what makes me feel at peace. I used Posca Pens to create abstract shapes. This work represents the feeling of peace I felt mentally and emotionally.

What Will People Say 

This piece is part of research from my Final Research Project Module highlighting a woman’s relationship with Pakistan and Mental Health. Using Posca Pens in colours to show what society asks of women and their face showing their true state.

Batsford Prize ‘At Peace’

This Piece is focused on wildlife and how they can be at peace in their habitat. To create a peaceful feel, I worked with a beautiful pastel palette as well as a smooth brush to get a subtle texture effect.

Fantastic Beasts

This piece is one spread page from the book I created about mythological creatures. Inspired by the Medieval era I wanted to create a book in a medieval style but add my own aspects of modern to it.  

Final Research Project – The Contemporary Tomboy

This is an illustration taken from my dissertation project on contemporary tomboys. The image is a panel from my graphic novel depicting three tomboy protagonists. I used a hybrid of analogue ink drawings with digital illustration.

Authorial Practice – Burrows

This is an image as part of a larger illustration depicting the underground life of animals in their burrows. I painted each the rooms of the burrow in watercolour and compiled them into an underground home on procreate.

Batsford Prize: ‘At Peace’

Responding to the theme ‘At Peace’, I painted a sombre and calm landscape depicting the reservoir at Chase Water County Park, Staffordshire. This gouache painting explores death and loss, or escapism from contemporary life.

Julies Story: A Visual Portrayal of Dementia

Using a series of sepia and black and white drawings, I have portrayed Julie’s struggle to recall her holiday to Norland Moor, Calder Valley. Her memory loss is conveyed further by the blurred and faded imagery.  


Fumetto Comic Festival 

This was the first page of the comic done for the fumetto comic festival under the theme of at home. 

Clip Studio Paint International Comic/Manga competition 

This was a character portrait done to the theme of Light and Darkness. The character was to be featured within a comic of the same theme for the Clip Studio International Comic/Manga Competition.

Project 01

This is a postcard design for my professional practice module, I designed this postcard with companies that I could send it to in mind to promote myself and show my skill as an artist.


Project 02

This piece I did for my negotiated project, I focused this project on the theme of mental health and portraying it in a more child friendly and accessible way using illustration.


Lino print for the Threadless t-shirt design competition based on the aesthetic and subculture of Goblincore; described as the appreciation of nature’s ugliness, providing a dark and gritty escape from reality.

Visiting Spirit Deck

A set of Oracle Cards themed around the concept that your daily misfortunes and calamities are the result of a visiting spirit interfering with your life. Discover which spirit is accompanying you today.

Step Into the Cyberspace
(You Might like it Here) 

AI is a disease taking over the creative sphere, but can it be ethical? Through this project AI has been transformed into a tool for illustrators rather than a parasite within the creative industry.

This is Circus? 

This world building based project revolves around the theme of circus combined with elements of different Sub-Cultures (especially punk) to portray a series of original characters.


Inktober- Scurry

For the theme ‘Scurry’ for Inktober 2023, I used pen and black ink to illustrate two rats’ side by side.

Contemporary Practice
– Lino print Skull

For a live submission, I created a Lino printed skull. This was created for the ‘9th Annual on Paper International Printmaking Contest 2023’.

‘Jessica’s Jungle’ Interactive Children’s Book

After researching different forms of interactivity in children’s books, and their effect on readers, I took this forward into creating my own. The story follows Jessica as she uses magic fertiliser and a jungle engulfs the whole house!

‘EDEN’ Theme Park Concept

For this project, I designed immersive lands, characters, and attractions for a fictional theme park concept. As guests step through ‘dimensional portals’, they can explore the magical ‘Marwood Mansion’, the alien world of ‘Dunax 5’ and much more.

The Professionals 

Project exploring women superhero designs inspired by real life professions. It is a series of four comic covers created using digital media. 


Horror Subgenres

Using series of short comics and images I explored different horror subgenres and how they can affect the audience.

Floral Lino Print 

This design was produced as part of our professional practice module. I wanted to create a design that would work as a limited edition print as part of a promotion with the launch of my website and online shop.

Wildflower Screen Print

Designed as part of a competition submission, this 4 colour screen print is an exploration into colour and pattern design. 


Fairy Shopping Set Design (Animation Negotiated Project)

I was inspired by a nostalgic illustrative book ‘Fairy Shopping’ By Sally Gardner and turned this into a set for a stop-motion production. My set allows the viewer to feel like they are stepping into this magical world and getting lost in their imagination. 

Portugal’s World of Azulejo Travel Guide (Illustration Final Project)

For my Illustration Final Project, I chose to base my topic on Portugal’s famous azulejo which are scattered all over the country. I wanted to make a travel guide in the form of brochures which highlighted the best places to see these amazing tiles! 

At Peace

A digital illustration depicting a tarot reading where the cards interact with each other and live in perfect harmony. 

Christmas Dinner

A digital illustration based on a personal experience. I used a graphite texture to help evoke an eerie feeling, especially with the “face”. 

The Batsford Prize: ‘At Peace’

Inspired by Japanese wood block prints, creating a sense of inner harmony and quiet only found in Japanese gardens. This image was Laser etched, printed, digitally coloured and printed onto washi paper to give it that authentic look and feel. 

A Vision of Utopia

Part of a larger piece, this image conveys my vision of a corrupt utopia. Upper-class residents live in buildings created from genetically modified trees, leaving the residents of the lower city to survive in an overgrown and broken remnant.


Love Penguin (D&AD New Blood Awards)

Penguin Books needed to create a merchandise identity which appeals to Gen Z readers. I created a new character from the existing logo and used 90’s retro styling and bright colours in a wave to indicate inclusivity.

Lies on toast (Illustration Final Project)

This piece is from my exploration of ‘Levels of Culture Jamming’ for my final project. Using digital media to subvert a domestic scene of reading the news to highlight the voyeuristic and unhealthy consumption of tabloid news.

Authorial Practice: Ballygown Bakery

A still from my stop-motion animation ‘Ballygown Bakery’ which is a concept for a children’s TV show. The show is about a hooded crow living on the Isle of Mull and its adventures baking for the local crow population.

Final Research Project Joint Dissertation: Mother Ash

For this project, I researched how picture-books can be used as educational tools to teach children about environmental topics. I wrote and illustrated the picture-book based on a woodland suffering from ash dieback, which is then saved by the animals.

The Batsford Prize – The Lifestyles of The Rich and The Famous

Painted in response to the ‘At Peace’ theme, the piece is a comment on the rock and roll lifestyle of the 80s and its consequences on the mental health of young people in their desire to conform. 

Promotional Artwork – Shiloh James

Wanting to advertise my character illustration commissions, I chose a graphic style in vector media. I used the main character from my YA novel ‘Shiloh James is Completely (Para)Normal,’ the dissertation project for my Creative Writing joint. 


I created a portrait of Jimin of BTS for my Contemporary Practice module. The fanart competition was launched in celebration of the release of his new album ‘Face’.


This is a piece from my project Overlooked for my Authorial module. This project focused on the overlooked beauty and detail within the natural environment. 

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