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Graphic Design

Major Project – Emotism

My major project aims to give creative experiences to women who were diagnosed late as autistic. This is in the form of a subscription box with art supplies, an activities booklet, and a website to show off their work.

D&AD New Blood

My New Blood entry for Barclays focused on improving neurodivergent banking. I took it one step further by visualising digital money for everyone which helps everyone, including disabled people and those who struggle with money management.

D&AD New Blood Awards

For the eBay brief, I designed a social network called Circle, focusing on connecting users by following genres instead of each other, and not having likes visible. The platform was also seamlessly connected to eBay’s marketplace for easy buying and selling of items.

Major Project

For my major project I created an original t-shirt company called The Ancients and used the opportunity to explore how illustration and graphic design can be used together to better communicate information. The designs depict illustrated quotes from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations. 


This is an advertisement as part of my response to a live brief that asked us to create the branding for a Bristol born airline. The airline needed to be recognised British from not only its appearance but also values.

Major Project: The Modern Feminist

For my Major Project, I created a Zine to address inequalities between male and female creatives. The purpose of the Zine is to inform creatives about how these inequalities have been improved in the past, and how we can continue improvements today.

D&AD New Blood Awards

A new Top Trumps design made to be personalised and follow HP Indigo’s sustainable printing. It’s made for plant lovers, comparing stats of easy and hard house plants. Pack and seeds personalised from a website, displayed in a plant pot.

08 Album cover designers booklet

A brief for Laurence King publishing for a twelve-page booklet. It features 08 album cover designers to increase the interest in the subject of Graphic Design. There’s a font, back cover, contents page, introduction, and dedicated pages for each designer.

8 Heroes booklet

In this booklet, I have picked some graphic designers, creative directors and film directors which I am gathering into one creative world. full of heroes. – 8 Heroes.

D&AD New blood awards

#Together: A Gen Z specialised online app gathering all of to unite the conditional community. Our features allow you to learn more about the community and you can chat with our brand ambassadors, you can find friends, upload your best skills and attend events to make even more friends! Supported by GymShark!

The Nutty Squirrel

The brief was to create a micro-brewery at Arch 27 in Worcester. We decided to name it “The Nutty Squirrel”. I created a lino print and then used it to create an illustration on the bottles, and beer mats.

Suspend Airline

The brief was a brand new airline based in Bristol. Having working-class and luxury airline combined. Focusing on minor details such as serving afternoon tea at meal deal prices. Simple colour pallet with a gradient for the branding.


Major project

My visual representation of major project consisted in a magazine, a set of 3 posters and first-aid boxes for people that are encountering Mental Health problems. The aim of the project is to bring awareness for all members of modern society and show them that different means of fighting back exist.

Green Design

For my Green Design brief I’ve created an A5 flyer on wildflowers, a set of social media posts and, a banner and a poster. The aim was to show individuals that it is important to engage in protecting the environment and stop the climate change. Through my visual representations I’ve shown an explicit way of that the processes of meadow cutting and coppicing are.


The Infirmary

A poster used to promote the new exhibits and the Infirmary museum.

D&AD New blood

One of my three merchandise I produced to attract readers from gen Z for penguins…

D&AD New Blood Awards

I chose the Penguin brief. The outputs I designed are part of my sub brand, ‘nurture your soul’. It aims to bring the outdoors in, with the struggles of getting onto the property ladder that Gen-Z are currently facing.

Green Design

An informative booklet on Monkwood in Worcester. Showcasing the nature situated in the woodland and the importance of woodland coppicing, this often gets misunderstood when first noticed. The brief was for Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.

Graphic Design Advertising and Marketing

D&AD New Blood Awards Penguin – Penoji

Penoji creates a guessing game with a code to uncover the trending book titles, by starting a conversation with Generation Z readers to share their reading experience which creates a new Penguin identity to connect to new audiences.

Lottie Store

Own independent online candle store which creates handcrafted candles and unique prints with colorful designs. Lottie Stores’ brand mission is to stand for creativity and freedom through producing unique products.

Light and shadow

The shadow, which represents the evil aspect of human nature, derives from the conventional representations of light and darkness. The decision of a character to act out of selfishness, greed, or hubris frequently gives birth to the tangible presence of a shadow in many works of fiction.

Major Project Billboard Campaign

My love for fashion and the concern for the environment led to the conception of “Accento.”

Because of the dominance of fast fashion, the companies on social media are promoting the concept of being environmentally responsible.


D&AD New Blood Awards

Bottlefield is a Heineken brand experience created for the D&AD New Blood Awards. The idea is a pop-up bar, mainly in shopping centres, where the “bored part” of the family or couple can sit down to a Subsoccer table and have a play.

Major Project

The brand was born as a result of the university’s Major Project. It is based on a great passion for show jumping and graphic design. BEYOND designs show jumping obstacles, which are created to tell a story of a place, brand, person, or campaign.

Brand Creation

In this project, I leveraged my branding proficiency to originate a new brand named ‘Motion’. My contributions involved ideation of the brand concept, name and logo design, definition of brand guidelines, production of merchandise, and development of a website.

D&AD New Blood Awards – Heineken Up

In response to Heineken’s brief to foster customer engagement and stimulate innovative thinking, I proposed a recycling initiative that unites individuals around their shared passion for responsible drinking and travel. The proposed solution comprised an airport campaign and a mobile application designed to promote recycling practices.


Major Project

Occo air diffuser is afunctional art piecethat enhances yourhome’s ambience andcalms your senses.Packaged in diffusedglass with an air motif,it expresses the scent’sfreshness, adding asubtle and gracefultouch to your decor.

 D&AD New blood awards – Penguin

The recent brand identity of Penguin targets Gen Z by presenting an assortment of patterns that can be customized interchangeably, allowing individuals to convey their unique personal narratives.

‘The Brothers Grimm Spectaculation’ for Spotlight Theatre Society

A project away from class, creating a poster, programme and social media posts for a show for a theatre society to help with promotions and to fit with the look of the society.

Major Project – ‘Leigh’ Florists brand

Brand design for my major project, creating a brand identity for a company created by myself. I chose a florists’ called ‘Leigh’ and focused the brand around trying to be different to usual florists’ stereotypes.

Major project – IMITHE

IMITHE is a collaborative brand that combines streetwear fashion and graphic design to create a visual identity, brand rules, and a key touchpoint while creating a brand from scratch.

D&AD New Blood Awards – TheBay

My response to eBay’s D&AD New Blood brief, which called for increasing the amount of Gen Z buyers and sellers on eBay, this is TheBay. Everything is for sale at TheBay, making shopping more social.

D and AD Heineken

For this project I created a Physical experience for Heineken. I decided to unite people using the stars, organising mass star gazing events around the world based in stadiums, observatory’s or online.

Infirmary Playing cards

For this project I designed posters and a treasure hunt to advertise a medical museum located in the university. As a prize for completing the hunt people were rewarded with playing cards in the style of the posters.

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