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Creative Media MA

D&AD New Blood Awards

This was created to encourage carers to take the time to look after themselves and book doctor’s appointments they need. My take was to create a self-care calendar/planner with positive personal care activities and stickers to be used as reminders.

Major Project

This project was about raising awareness of mental health in schools using visual communications, promoting school counsellor meetings and promotional materials for students to make use of and be educated on with readily information and a place to talk. 

Live Briefs

Concepts for a Women’s Empowerment Event promoting self-love, body positivity and empowering others. Concepts included ticketing material, promotion and a social media campaign. Bright, colourful, fun designs represent the nature of the event. 

Major Project – Proud to Be

Campaign to raise awareness of the sensitive topic of Diversity & Inclusion. Concepts included flyers, advertising, merchandise and a resource list available for teachers and parents to download worksheets to educate younger children. 

D&AD: Chivas Regal

My New Bloods submission saw the concept for a new wave of Chivas history. Whisky XXII takes on a more contemporary personality to truly showcase the next generation of luxury Scotch Flex.

Major Project: Lego Education

Accompanying my research into how Lego products can be best utilised in educational enhancement, my design piece aims to explore and provide educational enrichment based on modern history for an appropriate University audience.

D&AD- XL Recordings-Web Design

For my D&AD submission I have created a website to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Peaches’ album “Teaches of Peaches”. The aim was to create a must-visit experience that reignites the passion in old fans and creates new ones. 

Riverside Dance Collective- Branding

For this project we had to create a brand identity for our client “Riverside Dance Collective”, a Worcester-based dance group. The aim of this project was to create an attractive and memorable brand identity and advertising campaign. 

Publication Design- ERODE

This project was developed with the subject of our design heroes, people who have influenced our design identity in a positive way, this is the cover that I felt represented me well. 

D&AD- Chivas Regal Edition X 

This was a project with D&AD New blood design awards, to bring Chivas Regals whiskey brand into the modern age with a new product and energy to the modern youthful market. 


D&AD New Blood Awards

My final solution to the D&AD New Blood brief set by Walkers in which I had to design a PR and social media led campaign to inspire 18 – 30 year olds to break the ‘I am fine’ autopilot. 

Major Project

One of my final outputs representing my major project study during which I analysed graphic design principles, elements of covers to answer question: How do Music Genres Influence the design of cover arts? 

D&AD Google Fonts

The campaign is focused on men’s mental health and is pointing out issues that men have to struggle with when it comes to their wellbeing. The idea was to communicate these issues through typography.

Book Cover Design

The main initiative of this project was to deliver three books covers in response to publishing company’s anniversary. Each of the illustrations on the cover represent the book but all three have the same style of illustration to make it an anniversary special edition series. 

D&AD – Chivas Aura

Chivas Aura was developed for the New Blood Awards with D&AD. It offers the next generation a bottle designed towards their Aura, making them desirable to collect. A statement piece for every mood, including subtle hints to its Scottish heritage. 

Major project – Arts for Mental Health

Arts for Mental Health is a campaign to aid in raising awareness for art therapy in education. 

It is aimed at secondary schools, that will help students learn about their mental health and how they can use art to improve it.

D&AD New Blood AwardsChivas Regal

The objective was to produce a new luxury package identity for the brand of Chivas Regal, showing a simplistic, new modern luxury design along with advertisement. My overall idea was to show the Scottish heritage by introducing mountain vector design.

Live briefHustl and Bustl

Hustl and Bustl are a retro clothing company which the objective was to develop a whole brand, introducing marketing concepts, such as a logo, poster concepts, business cards and webdesign and many other print material for opening of the store.

Major Project

This brief explored the advantages of visual communication for an up and coming music artist. Design ideas for this brief used a mobile performance van to allow the artist to create and post music content.

Live Brief – Dzynr

Dzynr a street clothing brand set the task of creating an engaging social media campaign to promote their latest collection; Sun, Sea & Style. A combination of imagery and graphics produced the most beneficial designs. 

Major Project

For my major project, I created a set of promotional materials for a hypothetical museum and an exhibition based on Goth fashion and its many subcultures. Their main aim is to be both eye-catching and compelling, as well as memorable. 

Book cover design

In first year, I created a cover for an online book series, titled The Songbird and the Sea. It’s a fantasy novel about pirates and magical abilities, and the protagonist, Yun Haeseon, has the powers of the canary. 

D&AD Chivas Regal

Focusing on developing a new identity for Chivas Regal, the mountains and typographic-map contour lines are a key reflection of Chivas’s Scottish heritage, highlighting the beauty of the Scottish landscape through illustrative design. 

PICK-IT Campaign

This environmental campaign was developed to create awareness on the ocean pollution crisis, with the aim to get families, beach goers and school groups involved with beach-litter picking games and reward scheme. Children’s worksheets were developed to educate the future generation.

D&AD New Blood Awards

This was to produce a new luxury Brand identity that establishes the Luxurious brand with Features of gold for a Premium feel and a smooth lavish drink for every occasion. The bottle demonstrating the luxury Chivas. 

Live briefs – Hustl & Bustl

Hustl & Bustl was a a start-up business  which sold Designer vintage clothing on depop and were ready to take the next step into being an independent business. Therefore, requiring various branding material. 

The Dark Side of Love

This piece was made with the intention of being part of an exhibition and to show my skills on photoshop and doing image manipulation. It also represents what love can feel like when it ends. 

Live Brief

This project was to make new promotional material for the most recent DC Comics and Warner Brothers productions film, “The Batman”. 

Riverside Dance Webpage 

Focusing on a redevelopment of the corporate Identity for Riverside Dance. The modern style and illustrative pattern of the character are a key reflection of the river in the company’s name. 

TITAN Phone Mockup 

This login wireframe was developed for a fitness app called TITAN. The aim of the fitness app was to guild beginners and provide information to help track progress.  

D&AD New Blood Awards – Taste the Flix

Where film and food connect; Taste the Flix is a Netflix-based monthly subscription service and box designed to introduce new cultures through native recipes and media.

Hustl & Bustl

Hustl & Bustl is a start-up designer vintage clothing brand that is environmentally conscious while offering an array of styles, highlighting how simple and stylish reusing something can be.

Document photography

I going to go around taking photographs of tattoos but not just any tattoo, people who have meaning behind their tattoo. So will be photography outside and some will be photography in a tattoo studio.

Major Project

I have created poster/bus, so people had safe place to go and to get advice on how to be help if you taken an overdose. My aim is to help slow down the rate of adults getting seriously ill.

I loved how broad the course was – I could pick from a wide range of modules to suit my interests. The lecturers were all so enthusiastic it was impossible not to enjoy the course.

Stephen Hall, Graphic Design Student

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