“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of creative people.”

-Leo Burnett

Angela Featherbe-Morgan

Since I was a small child, I was enchanted by picture book illustration. I was fascinated with the world within the image and wished to explore it further. Over the last five years I’ve expanded on my traditional illustration training by working with a variety of mediums, narratives and exploring the use of visual communication through my own visual language.

Painting, collage and using painted papers and pencils are my main choice of medium, although I do like to experiment combining other mediums to make a project more interesting. I love print and mark making and find them great alternatives to image making.

I follow a variety of contemporary illustrators such as Britta Teckentrup and Il Sung Na and am still inspired by illustrators and painters such as Anton Pieck and Edmund Dulac. I find the ordinary extraordinary and enjoy making images and narratives from both fiction and non-fiction alike.