“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too”

– Paulo Coelho

Through hard work and responsibility, my time at university has demonstrated what true potential is. I reflect back to my younger self, with barely enough grades to even make it in; yet I’ve found my place. An unexpected pleasure has been to wake up every day with purpose in mind. A reason to get up. My key interests are in Print Media and Photography. Graphically, specialising in contemporary branding and layout design. For me, physical media will always reign over digital. We are saturated with technology, so I find solace in tangible work. My design style is heavily influenced by my past education of Product Design. Most notably mid-century Scandinavian and German interiors. Designers like Ray and Charles Eames, Dieter Rams and Otl Aicher are all big influences. My work often consists of three colours or fewer, white space with a focus on functionality. My favourite accomplishment in design has to be working on the promotion for Star Wars Ep.7 with HAVAS Helia. I was 16 when I first did work experience with them, so to be able to work on such a big project at that age still feels unreal.