“I try to apply colours like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music”

– Joan Miró

I’ve been drawing since I was little, some of my drawings didn’t have meaning at all and others were with a purpose as a course deadline. I was absorbed by vibrant colours and its power to represent energy. When I studied technical drawing before university, I learned that drawing can be precise, by paying attention to the detail. I can now create the perfect line of vision for any composition.

Since I’ve started university, I gained an interest in graphic design, learning a range of new skills into print and digital design. I enjoy photography and capturing how I see the world. Also, I have developed a passion in web design and I’m keen to keep improving and learning new skills into UI & UX design.

My approach to design varies based on the kind of medium I’m using to convey the message. I would like people to identify with my designs in their own way. I like the idea of sitting back and listening to people respond to my artwork, hearing how they interpret it in their own way. It’s impressive how sometimes they come with fascinating meanings that even I haven’t thought about.