“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

― Suzy Kassem

The last three years have been very fun and have gone very quickly. Studying graphic design has given me a new perspective to observe and create, valuing the importance of detail and the amount of work put in, to create something so simple.

My specialism in the field has become print media – both design and content. There is still something that captivates me about creating a physical piece of work that is interesting but still looks good.

My work itself tends to be made up of a combination of neutrals, and bright, bold colours. I like to create work which looks professional but is still full of personality.

My favourite project I’ve worked on over the last three years was a 24hr Pressure Project with Meadow Arts. They aim to bring contemporary art into communities where this would not normally be possible, working with children and families specifically. Working on a project which had such an inspiring aim, especially one within the wider creative community, was a privilege.