“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

– Picasso –

Karolina Sedilekova

I am a detail-driven artist with a focus on both traditional and digital art, including illustration, animation, 3D and photography. I consider myself primarily a character artist working with narrative.

Progressing from my love of character and story creation in my youth, I believe my ability to produce considered and refined characters has flourished from my time in higher education.

I enjoy experimenting which helps me to grow as an artist. That is why I am continually pushing my limits and expanding my broad range of creative personal interests.

As an artist who strives for perfection, I always aim to exceed expectations combining my multi-disciplinary skillset and comprehensive general knowledge gained during my years in education as well as from my personal interests.

During my last year at university, I realised that my goal is to connect my passion for art, teamwork and leadership. Therefore, I want to work in an artistic environment, contributing to the art industry and collaboration with other artists to deliver engaging and meaningful work.